n. type of cap worn by priests

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Biretta — The biretta is a square cap with three or four ridges or peaks, sometimes surmounted by a tuft, traditionally worn by Roman Catholic clergy and some Anglican clergy. It is also the term used for a similar cap worn by those holding doctoral… …   Wikipedia

  • Pom-pon — A pom pon is, at its most basic level, a decorative ball of fluff. Pom pons may come in many colors, sizes and varieties and are made from a wide array of materials, including fabric, paper, plastic, or occasionally feathers. While not… …   Wikipedia

  • Solemn Mass — ( la. missa solemnis) or Solemn High Mass or simply High Mass is when these terms are used in a technical sense, not merely as a description the full ceremonial form of the Tridentine Mass, celebrated by a priest with a deacon and a subdeacon,… …   Wikipedia

  • Biretta — • A square cap with three ridges or peaks on its upper surface, worn by clerics of all grades from cardinals downwards Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Biretta     Biretta      …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Academic dress — or academical dress is traditional clothing for academic settings, primarily tertiary and sometimes secondary education. It is also known as academicals and, in the United States, as academic regalia. Contemporarily, it is commonly seen only at… …   Wikipedia

  • Barett (Kirche) — Barett (auch Birett, von lat. biretum) ist die Kopfbedeckung christlicher Geistlicher. Schwarzes Birett …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament — • A manner of honouring the Holy Eucharist, by exposing it, with proper solemnity, to the view of the faithful in order that they may pay their devotions before it Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Order of Friars Minor Conventuals —     Order of Friars Minor Conventuals     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► Order of Friars Minor Conventuals     This is one of the three separate bodies, forming with the Friars Minor and the Capuchins what is commonly called the First Order of St.… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • biretta — UK [bəˈretə] / US noun [countable] Word forms biretta : singular biretta plural birettas a stiff square hat worn by a Roman Catholic priest …   English dictionary

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